Do you want to secure a new job at Atlas Electric Devices? Atlas Electric Devices is well-known for their rigorous vetting process. Learn about the interviews and assessments that you will have to pass here, and start preparing for all the stages of Atlas Electric Devices’s hiring process.

Job Application Basics

In this era of online job board sites, it is easier than ever to apply for multiple jobs at once. Don’t make the mistake of copying and pasting your cover letter and résumé for each job. Not only may you make the embarrassing mistake of including the wrong company name, every job has different requirements. Even if two jobs are quite similar, you will want to include only the keywords that are listed in each job description in your application and résumé. You will also want to write a professional summary at the top of your résumé that shows why you are supremely qualified for the position you are applying for at Atlas Electric Devices.


If your application passes the selection process you will be called in for an interview. It is important to do your research about Atlas Electric Devices. Make sure that you have concrete examples for your strengths and weaknesses.

Psychometric Test

No one said landing a job at Atlas Electric Devices would be easy! Employers are using standardized tests to help sift out quality candidates. They have learned that investing more money in the hiring process saves them both time and money in the long term.

  • Why have you had so many jobs?
  • Why have you had so many jobs?
  • Is there anything that will prevent you from working the job’s regular hours?
  • Tell me about a time you made a mistake.
  • What are the most significant characteristics of this industry?

Here are some possible jobs at Atlas Electric Devices

What are some of the jobs open at Atlas Electric Devices?

Business Partner Management Trainee Customer Service
Administrative Assistant Human Resources Administrator Engineer

Popular Pre-Employment Tests Used by Atlas Electric Devices

These are some of the most popular pre-employment tests used by Atlas Electric Devices:

Personality/Job Fit Entry-Level Tests Specialized Item Sets
Assessment Tools Police Technician Supplements

Company Details

Company Address: 4114 N Ravenswood Ave # 1

City: Chicago

State: IL

Postal Code: 60613

Phone Number: 7733274524


Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Watches and Clocks, Measurement, Analyzer and Control Instruments, and Photo and Medical Goods

SIC Code: 3829