Set yourself apart from the crowd of candidates applying for a job at B&A Demolition & Removal by writing a great résumé and cover letter and shining in your interviews and assessments. We have details of B&A Demolition & Removal’s hiring process that will help you get the job you want.

Application Submission

Sometimes you find a great job but you’re unsure if you’re qualified. Don’t worry. Job requirements are more like guidelines than strict rules. If you create a solid application, with a killer cover letter and a résumé that includes relevant work experience and skills, you may convince B&A Demolition & Removal to take a chance on you and invite you to an interview. Sometimes it’s worth applying even if you don’t exactly match all of the job requirements.


If you application passes through the automated selection system you will be invited in for an interview. It is essential that you arrive on time. Practice in advance to ensure that you are not nervous on the interview day.

Psychometric Test

These tests measure your analytical ability as well as how your career aspirations and personality fit with B&A Demolition & Removal’s goals and culture.

List of Strengths and Weaknesses With Examples

Questions about your strengths and weaknesses can be difficult to answer. Choose from our list of strengths and weaknesses to successfully answer this question.


  • Interviewing Job Candidates
  • Public speaking
  • Energetic


  • Internalizing the problems of clients
  • Work too many hours
  • Taking on too many projects at once

Different Jobs at B&A Demolition & Removal

These are the most common jobs at B&A Demolition & Removal.

Customer Service Manager Customer Service Assistant
Project Manager Accounting Merchandiser

These Are B&A Demolition & Removal’s Most Popular Pre-Employment Tests

You may be asked to complete one or more of the following pre-employment assessments:

Personality/Job Fit Microsoft Access Account Clerk, Senior
Administrative Assistant Ramsay Mechanical Test Hogan Test

Company Details

Company Address: 70 New St

City: Oceanside

State: NY

Postal Code: 11,572

Phone Number:


Industry: Transportation and Public Utilities

Sub-industry: Gas, Electric and Sanitary Services

SIC Code: 4,953