We can help you secure your next job at Cablevision Systems. Learn about Cablevision Systems’s hiring process and how to increase your odds of getting hired by crafting a great résumé, acing interviews, and excelling at assessments.

Submit Your Job Application

Do you want Cablevision Systems to ask you for an interview? First, you must impress them with your résumé and cover letter. Make a strong case for yourself by including the keywords that are provided in the job description and emphasizing your past successes in your résumé. Don’t miss out on your chance to land a great job at Cablevision Systems.


It is essential to arrive to your interview at Cablevision Systems on time. Bring a hard copy of your résumé, cover letter, and references with you. Prepare answers to common interview questions and keep in mind the evaluation starts from the moment you step through the door.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Once you’ve submitted your application, you may be asked to complete an assessment test either before or after your interview. This may be a test of your abilities or it may assess your personality and behavior.

Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions & the Perfect Answers

Crush your interview and get hired at Cablevision Systems by preparing using these common interview questions.

  • Can you describe a time when your work was criticized?
  • What are your salary requirements?
  • What do you think of your previous boss?
  • How much salary do you expect?
  • Discuss your resume.


Here is a list of the positions that most applicants are searching for at Cablevision Systems:

Associate Implementation Engineer  IT Specialist (InfoSec) Customer Service
Supervisory Entry Specialist IT HelpDesk Technician Telephony Expert

List of Common Pre-Employment Tests at Cablevision Systems

The following tests are some of the most popular evaluations used by Cablevision Systems:

Hogan Test Personality/Job Fit Ramsay Mechanical Test
Wonderlic Test Criteria CCAT PI LI (PLI) Test

Company Details

Company Address: 1111 Stewart Ave

City: Bethpage

State: NY

Postal Code: 11,714

Phone Number:


Industry: Transportation and Public Utilities

Sub-industry: Communications

SIC Code: 4,841