Here you can find answers to your questions about the hiring process at Cato Corp. Learn about the interview process, assessment tests, and more. Take the next step in your career and ace Cato Corp’s hiring process.

How to Apply

When you complete a job application, you need to include the following: an online application, your work history, your educational background, a résumé, and a cover letter. You can read our article on crafting a great résumé for ideas.


Gone are the days of one interview. At Cato Corp you will likely face multiple people on your interview day. Like with everything else in life, practice makes perfect. Review common interview questions. Make sure you show up on time and are dressed appropriately.

Pre-Employment Assessments

After you submit your application form, cover letter, and résumé, you will be invited to complete online assessments. You may be asked to take a personality test or a test that measures your aptitude for certain types of tasks, such as numerical or verbal reasoning.

What to Expect: Possible Interview Questions

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to answer interview questions—this is a skill that can be learned. Keep reading for answers to common interview questions.

  • Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized.
  • What special skills or knowledge have you gained that will help in this job?
  • What are you looking for in terms of career development?
  • Describe your ideal company, location and job.
  • What do you think you would like and not like about working in this job?

Positions at Cato Corp

These positions receive many applications yearly:

Business Partner Management Trainee Customer Service
Administrative Assistant Human Resources Administrator Engineer

Popular Pre-Employment Tests

It is quite common for Cato Corp to use the following pre-employment test:

Assessment Tools Promotional Tests Police Technician
Supplements Correctional Tests Entry-Level Tests

Company Details

Company Address: PO Box 34216

City: Charlotte

State: NC

Postal Code: 28,234

Phone Number: (704)554-8510


Industry: Wholesale Trade

Sub-industry: Wholesale Trade – Non-Durable Goods

SIC Code: 5,137