In this competitive job market, you want to ensure you do everything in your power to outperform the competition. Get a heads-up on what to expect in the Central Florida Euro Cars recruitment process. Learn from industry insiders about what to expect on the interview day.

Apply for the Job

It can be difficult to get your résumé noticed when so many candidates are applying for the same position. Give yourself the best chance of success by crafting a concise, neat résumé that highlights your achievements.


You might face multiple interviews during the Central Florida Euro Cars hiring process. Landing even one interview is quite the feet. Make sure you come prepared with your résumé, cover letter, and business attire.

Psychometric Test

Central Florida Euro Cars wants to hire the best candidates. One way to do this is to measure candidates’ abilities and skills in order to check if candidates will be able to succeed.

How to Pass Your Interview at Central Florida Euro Cars

We have prepared a list of our top tips to help you ace your Central Florida Euro Cars interview.

Strike a Power Pose

Standing up straight with your hands on your hips (like Superman) before your interview can help you feel confident.

Be Honest

Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know the answer to a question. It’s better than faking it.

List of possible jobs

Here is a list of the positions that most applicants are searching for at Central Florida Euro Cars:

Careers with Cars  Bus and Truck Mechanics Alternative Fuels Vehicle Technician
Automotive Technician – NATEF Skilled Trade Profiles Automotive Industry Careers

Common Pre-Employment Tests

As a candidate you might need to take one or more of the following tests:

Service Specialized Item Sets Personality/Job Fit
Entry-Level Automotive Mechanic Electrician Basic Skills-General

Company Details

Company Address: 209 S Lake Parker Ave

City: Lakeland

State: FL

Postal Code: 33801

Phone Number: 8636888112


Industry: Retail Trade

Sub-industry: Gasoline Service Stations and Automotive Dealers

SIC Code: 5511