Do you want to be hired by Doe Run Resources? Learn what Doe Run Resources expects from you during the application process, and what you can expect from the hiring process. 

Submit Your Job Application

You’re looking for a new job online and you find a dream job at Doe Run Resources. What’s next? You need to persuade recruiters to consider you for the job by sending them a killer cover letter and résumé. Be sure to carefully read the job description to understand what they are looking for and emphasize all of the right qualifications and skills in your application. It helps to include keywords listed in the job description as well.


Getting an interview at Doe Run Resources is quite difficult. This means that if you are called to come in you are quite a strong candidate. That does not mean you should slack off. Before the interview practice answering common interview questions in front of the mirror. Remember you are being judged from the moment you walk through the door.


Doe Run Resources uses various pre-employment tests to evaluate candidates. Not every candidate must take an assessment test, and the tests vary from position to position. Common tests include personality tests and technical skills tests.

Inside Tips on How To Conquer Your Doe Run Resources Interview

These tips will help you get on the right foot at Doe Run Resources.


Take deep breaths and relax your muscles.

Be True to Yourself

Be honest throughout your interview. Interviewers can tell if you’re not being authentic.

Potential Positions

The following are possible positions at Doe Run Resources:

Diamond Drilling Management Trainee Secretary
Mining Engineer Safety Officer Blast Hole Driller

Popular Hiring Tests and Screeners

Doe Run Resources often asks candidates to take one or more of the following pre-employment assessments:

Ramsay Mechanical Test Kenexa Tests Specialized Item Sets
Caliper Profile Test Maintenance Criteria CCAT

Company Details

Company Address: 1801 Park 270 Dr # 300

City: St Louis

State: MO

Postal Code: 63,146

Phone Number: (314)453-7100


Industry: Mining

Sub-industry: Quarrying and Mining of Non-Metallic Minerals other than Fuels

SIC Code: 1,499