Have you started the application process at Edison International? Are you a little unsure about what to expect? Take a look at our adivce about how to excel on your upcoming interview at Edison International.

Online Application

After closely reviewing the job description and requirements, submit your application. Include your résumé and cover letter. Make sure that your résumé emphasizes your relevant experiences and qualifications, including any post-secondary education that you may have. Moreover, it’s crucial that you tailor your cover letter to each individual job that you are applying for, otherwise, your application will be passed over.


Congrats! It is not easy to get an interview at Edison International. The interview process starts from the moment you step through the door. So remember to be confident. You can even prepare some natural small talk for the first portion of the interview. The most important thing to do, is to present yourself clearly.

Psychometric Test

Tests are important tools for employers to help get to know you. Many companies ask candidates to take personality tests or cognitive ability tests so that they can determine whether or not applicants would succeed in the role for which they are applying.

What to Expect: Possible Interview Questions

Interview questions can vary wildly, but these are some helpful examples that will help you prepare.

  • What makes you stand out among your peers?
  • What is your job like?
  • If you could change anything about your job, what would it be?
  • In what kind of work environment are you most comfortable?
  • Do you consider yourself a leader?

Some of the Popular Jobs At Edison International

Below the possible open positions at Edison International are listed:

R&D Product Manager Service Manager
Administrative Assistant Consultant Packaging Engineer

Edison International’s Most Popular Assessment Tests

It is quite common for Edison International to use the following pre-employment test:

Logical Reasoning Kenexa Tests Caliper Profile Test
MS PowerPoint Entry-Level Clerical Bennett Mechanical Test

Company Details

Company Address: P.O. BOX 999

City: Rosemead

State: CA

Postal Code: 91,770

Phone Number: (626)302-2222


Industry: Transportation and Public Utilities

Sub-industry: Gas, Electric and Sanitary Services

SIC Code: 4,911