If it’s been a while since you applied for a job, you may be intimidated by the hiring process. Arm yourself with the knowledge that you need to ace EDS Corp’s hiring process and get the job that you want. This article contains information about EDS Corp’s application, interviews, and pre-employment assessment.

Submit your Online Application

EDS Corp is looking to see what you have accomplished in past jobs and what you can bring to their company. Write a success-oriented résumé that provides concrete examples of challenges that you have overcome and how you have contributed to your past employers. This is the best way to ensure that your application will be approved.


In your interview at EDS Corp, you can expect to be asked basic questions about your experience and attitudes. Prepare a mental list of examples that demonstrate your positive qualities, such as goals that you achieved or initiatives that you spearheaded. You may also want to practice answering a few common interview questions before your interview at EDS Corp.

Online assessments

Pre-employment assessments are a popular tool used by employers to evaluate candidates. Depending on the job for which you are applying, you may be asked to take a personality test, a situational judgment test, or a test that measures your knowledge relating to your field.

Job Interview Questions That Result in Great Hires

Get hired by EDS Corp by having a great interview. Prepare using these practice questions.

  • Describe the most rewarding experience of your career
  • What salary are you seeking?
  • Why have you had so many jobs?
  • What is your personal mission statement?
  • If selected for this position, can you describe your strategy for the first 90 days?

Some Popular Positions at EDS Corp

Learn more about the variuous different positions at EDS Corp

Accounting Customer Service Assistant UX Designer
Sales Financial Analyst Product Manager

Popular Pre-Employment Tests Used by EDS Corp

You may be asked to complete one or more of the following pre-employment assessments:

Logical Reasoning Caliper Profile Test Kenexa Tests
Personality/Job Fit Analytical Reasoning Bennett Mechanical Test

Company Details

Company Address: 13600 Eds Dr

City: Herndon

State: VA

Postal Code: 20,171

Phone Number: (703)796-9350

Website: www.eds-gov.com

Industry: Business Services

Sub-industry: Business Services

SIC Code: 7,374