Do you have questions about the hiring process at Fpmi Solutions? We have the answers. Learn about interviews, pre-employment testing, and more.

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Read the job description closely to understand what it is that Fpmi Solutions is looking for. Then, make changes to your résumé and cover letter to make sure that they fit the job description. Be sure to include any keywords and check your application for spelling mistakes before submitting.


Interviews at Fpmi Solutions are not simple. Expect to face at least one curve ball question. For example, “Tell me a funny story,” or “What era would you like to have been born in?” The interviewer is evaluating your reaction time and the way you formulate your response.

Pre-Employment Test

Pre-employment assessments are a great tool for employers to see if the position is a good match for the candidate. Make sure you ask your HR recruiter if you will be expected to take a test. If so, which assessment company provides it and what is the name of the test?

Questions Commonly Asked at Fpmi Solutions

Answering interview questions in the right way is both an art and a science. Learn about common interview questions and how to answer them here.

  • What do you know about the job?
  • Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized.
  • What do you see yourself doing within the first 30 days of this job?
  • You’ve changed jobs frequently. What makes you think this position will be different?
  • Is multi- tasking a skill that is required for this job?

Top Positions at Fpmi Solutions

What positions are available at Fpmi Solutions?

Human Resources Administrator Consultant Executive Assistant
Customer Service Assistant Service Manager Packaging Engineer

Prepare for Fpmi Solutions’s Common Pre-Employment Tests

Candidates often must take one of the following pre-employment tests:

PI LI (PLI) Test Logical Reasoning Kenexa Tests
Cashier Watson-Glaser Test Excel

Company Details

Company Address: 4901 University Sq Ste 3

City: Huntsville

State: AL

Postal Code: 35816

Phone Number: 2565391850


Industry: Business Services

Sub-industry: Engineering, Management, Accounting, Research and Related Industries

SIC Code: 8742