Put yourself at ease—learn everything you want to know about Harley-Davidson’s hiring process, including the application, interviews, and pre-employment tests. Access our top tips on how to succeed in Harley-Davidson’s hiring process.

Job Application Basics

In this era of online job board sites, it is easier than ever to apply for multiple jobs at once. Don’t make the mistake of copying and pasting your cover letter and résumé for each job. Not only may you make the embarrassing mistake of including the wrong company name, every job has different requirements. Even if two jobs are quite similar, you will want to include only the keywords that are listed in each job description in your application and résumé. You will also want to write a professional summary at the top of your résumé that shows why you are supremely qualified for the position you are applying for at Harley-Davidson.


Landing an interview at Harley-Davidson is not easy! Be sure you make it count. Come prepared with a hard copy of your résumé, cover letter, and references. Be prepared with Harley-Davidson–specific questions to ask your interviewer at the end of the interview.

Online Psychometric Assessments

 Some companies test applicants for employment to determine if the candidate is a good match for their job vacancies. 

List of Strengths and Weaknesses

Harley-Davidson often asks candidates about their strengths and weaknesses


  • Organizing successful events
  • Identifying wasteful expenditures
  • Facilitating productive meetings


  • Too helpful
  • Work too many hours
  • Taking too many risks

Possible jobs at Harley-Davidson

The following are possible positions at Harley-Davidson:

Automotive Service Technicians Automobile Parts Counter Worker Sales Representative – Auto Parts
Engineers Customer Support Small Engine Mechanics

Common Psychometric Tests

Assessment tests are part of the hiring process for many companies, including Harley-Davidson.

Electrician Mechanical Maintenance
Entry-Level Automotive Mechanic Specialized Item Sets Personality/Job Fit

Company Details

Company Address: 3700 W Juneau Ave

City: Milwaukee

State: WI

Postal Code: 53,208

Phone Number: (414)342-4680

Website: www.harley-davidson.com

Industry: Retail Trade

Sub-industry: Gasoline Service Stations and Automotive Dealers

SIC Code: 5,571