With each passing year, the selection process for an open position becomes increasingly more difficult. Learn about what is involved in the hiring process and gain expert tips and advice.


Even if you see the open position on a search engine, go directly to HB Fuller Co and check if the position is on their job board. It is always best to apply directly from the HB Fuller Co website. Update your résumé and cover letter to match the specific qualifications of the job description.


Expect to face a situational question at your HB Fuller Co interview. A situational questions is a question that provides a hypothetical situation and the candidate must explain how she would handle it or has handled it in the past. With this type of question, the interviewer wants to know how you will handle situations that may arise in the workplace.

Online Hiring Screeners

You want to ensure that you do everything in your power to land the job. If you’re asked to take a pre-employment test, be sure to put effort into preparing so you will succeed.

Popular Questions at HB Fuller Co Interview

Our experts list some of the most common interview questions, along with the best way to answer them.

  • What are the most important personal satisfactions and dissatisfactions connected with your job?
  • What have you learned from your mistakes?
  • What are three positive character traits you don’t have?
  • What are your salary requirements?
  • When people leave this career, what are the usual reasons?

The Most Common Positions At HB Fuller Co

Here is a list of the positions that most applicants are searching for at HB Fuller Co:

Business Partner Customer Service Manager Program Manager
Product Manager Human Resources Administrator UX Designer

Company’s Online Assessments

Candidates often must take one of the following pre-employment tests:

Police Technician Entry-Level Tests Supplements
Specialized Item Sets Dispatcher Assessment Tools

Company Details

Company Address: 1200 Willow Lake Blvd

City: St Paul

State: MN

Postal Code: 55,110

Phone Number: (651)236-5900

Website: www.hbfuller.com

Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Allied and Chemical Products

SIC Code: 2,891