Here’s information on each step in the hiring process in Hormel Foods, including applying for jobs, interviewing, employment testing and more.

Job Application Basics

Applying for a job at Hormel Foods can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. The first step is to send in your résumé, cover letter, and online application. At this point, you may also be asked to answer a few questions or take a test. Once you’ve submitted your documents, all you can do is wait to be invited to an interview.


Before going into the interview at Hormel Foods mentally prepare examples of instances where you overcame adversity. Also have concrete examples of moments when you worked successfully in a team. You want to make sure you have examples to back up all your positive attributes.

Online Employment Assessments

 What are pre-employment assessments and why do companies such as Hormel Foods use them? Assessments range from personality tests to mechanical reasoning and verbal reasoning to personality tests. They give employers a better idea of your skills and how you could fit in to the company culture.

Smart Answers to Common Interview Questions

Answering interview questions correctly is a skill that can be honed. Let our experts show you how.

  • What kinds of people experience the greatest success in this field?
  • What kinds of people experience the greatest success in this field?
  • What are three positive character traits you wish you had?
  • Describe the best job you’ve ever had.
  • What kinds of experience, paid or unpaid, would you encourage for anybody pursuing a career in this field?

List of Common Jobs At Hormel Foods

The following positions receive many candidate applications:

Business Partner Business Analyst Merchandiser
Management Trainee Project Manager Financial Analyst

Assessments at Hormel Foods

Hormel Foods pre-employment tests include the following:

Assessment Tools Specialized Item Sets Dispatcher
Personality/Job Fit Correctional Tests Police Technician

Company Details

Company Address: 1 Hormel Pl

City: Austin

State: MN

Postal Code: 55,912

Phone Number: (507)437-5611


Industry: Wholesale Trade

Sub-industry: Wholesale Trade – Non-Durable Goods

SIC Code: 5,141