We can help you secure your next job at Hunter Douglas Fabrication Co. Learn about Hunter Douglas Fabrication Co’s hiring process and how to increase your odds of getting hired by crafting a great résumé, acing interviews, and excelling at assessments.

Apply Online

Is your résumé too long? Most employers only take a few short minutes to go over every application. Your résumé should be no longer than one or two pages and it should include only the most relevant work experiences that will make a strong case for you as a candidate.


If you application passes through the automated selection system you will be invited in for an interview. It is essential that you arrive on time. Practice in advance to ensure that you are not nervous on the interview day.

Psychometric Test

Due to the high volume of applicants, companies often pinpoint quality candidates through assessment tests. No matter the test, you can prepare by taking practice tests and reading study guides before your evaluation.

Hunter Douglas Fabrication Co Interview Pointers

Nervous about your interview at Hunter Douglas Fabrication Co? Our tips will help you succeed.

Think Positive

Imagine a positive outcome and don’t focus on negative possibilities.

Eat Right

Eat a healthy meal before your interview.

Hunter Douglas Fabrication Co’s Most Popular Jobs

Hunter Douglas Fabrication Co receives many applications for these positions:

Human Resources Administrator Product Manager Manager
Customer Service Customer Service Manager R&D

Popular Hiring Tests and Screeners

Candidates often must take one of the following pre-employment tests:

Promotional Tests Correctional Tests Dispatcher
Personality/Job Fit Assessment Tools Supplements

Company Details

Company Address: 1 Hunter Douglas Dr SE

City: Cumberland

State: MD

Postal Code: 21502

Phone Number: 3017221047

Website: www.hdfab.com

Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Furniture and Fixtures

SIC Code: 2591