It is not easy to land a job in this comptetitive job market. If you are looking to land a job at International Marine & Ind we are here to help teach you about the hiring process. Learn everything you will need to know about acing the interview process.

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It can be hard to find the right job. Here is everything you need to know about applying for a job at International Marine & Ind.


Don’t expect the interview process at International Marine & Ind to be simple. You will likely need to face multiple interviews. It is a good sign if you are called in for a second interview. Don’t forget to bring your résumé, cover letter, and all related documents.

Pre-Employment Test

As part of the recruitment process at International Marine & Ind you will need to take a psychometric test. A psychometric test is any exam used to measure whether you have the skills needed to excel on the job. Inquire about which test you will need to take.

Job-Related Strengths and Weaknesses

International Marine & Ind often asks candidates about their strengths and weaknesses


  • Strong work ethic/diligent
  • Decision making
  • Persuasive


  • Debate skills (if irrelevant to the job at hand)
  • Covering for co-workers
  • Presenting to large groups

International Marine & Ind’s Most Popular Positions

Here are some of the open positions available at International Marine & Ind:

Dry Wall Finisher Surveyor Construction Assistant
Construction Manager Assistant Project Manager Site Manager

[Business]’s Online Assessments

These are some of the most popular pre-employment tests used by International Marine & Ind:

Maintenance Entry-Level Automotive Mechanic Mechanical
Basic Skills-General Electrician Specialized Item Sets

Company Details

Company Address: 3604 Mayport Rd

City: Mayport Ns

State: FL

Postal Code: 32228

Phone Number: 9042420385


Industry: Consturction

Sub-industry: Heavy Construction other than Building Construction

SIC Code: 1629