With the advent of online applications, landing a job has become increasingly harder. There are hundreds of applicants for each position. What does this mean for you as a candidate? You need to ensure that you go into the interview prepared. Read on to learn about the hiring process at Kadmea Products.

How to Apply

Have you spotted an interesting job at Kadmea Products on a job board or on their website? There are a number of stages that you must complete to be accepted for a job, the first of which is the job application. This is very important because it is the first chance that you have to introduce yourself to Kadmea Products’s hiring manager. You probably know that you need to show that you fit the job requirements, but did you know that you should include keywords that are found in the job posting? This is because many companies use technology to screen applications for keywords before a person even looks at them. 


It may take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months to hear whether you got an interview at Kadmea Products. Each open position has hundreds of applicants. If you do receive an interview, make sure you do your research in advance.


Kadmea Products uses various pre-employment tests to evaluate candidates. Not every candidate must take an assessment test, and the tests vary from position to position. Common tests include personality tests and technical skills tests.

Common Interview Questions

Kill your interview at Kadmea Products by practicing ahead of time using these sample questions.

  • If I called your boss right now and asked him what is an area that you could improve on, what would he say?
  • How do you define continuous improvement?
  • Do you participate in many social activities with your coworkers?
  • Do you have any advice for someone interested in this field/job?
  • What is the last new procedure you integrated into your job?

Positions at Kadmea Products

The following are possible positions at Kadmea Products:

Machine Operator Customer Service Management Trainee
Engineering Financial Analyst Maintenance

Most Common Hiring Screeners and Assessments

As part of Kadmea Products’s hiring process, candidates often complete one or more of the following assessments:

Service Entry-Level Automotive Mechanic Maintenance
Basic Skills-General Electrician Personality/Job Fit

Company Details

Company Address: 1623 Military Rd Pmb 334

City: Niagara Falls

State: NY

Postal Code: 14304

Phone Number: 5852026329


Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Computer Equipment

SIC Code: 3531