Here you can find answers to your questions about the hiring process at Kimmins Contracting. Learn about the interview process, assessment tests, and more. Take the next step in your career and ace Kimmins Contracting’s hiring process.

Online Application

Make sure that your application lands at the top of the pile. Modify your résumé and cover letter so that they fit the job description listed by Kimmins Contracting. Employ a clean and attractive layout, and check your documents for spelling and grammar errors.


Keep in mind that when you go for an interview at Kimmins Contracting the recruiter is looking for specific key traits. They are evaluating how responsive you are, whether you are drawing proper inferences and conclusions, and if you show a degree of intellectual depth.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Kimmins Contracting often uses assessments to determine if candidates are right for the job. You may need to take a test that measures your abilities (such as reasoning skills) or your personality.

Common Questions at Kimmins Contracting Interview

The most common questions from Kimmins Contracting’s interviews are as follows:

  • How is the economy affecting this industry?
  • If you were interviewing someone for this position, what traits would you look for?
  • Do you find your job exciting or boring? Why?
  • How would you deal with an angry or irate customer?
  • Describe the workload in your current (or most recent) job.

Some of the Popular Jobs At Kimmins Contracting

What positions are available at Kimmins Contracting?

Construction Assistant Engineering Carpenter
Iron Worker Scheduler Joiner

Most Common Hiring Screeners and Assessments

As a candidate you might need to take one or more of the following tests:

Basic Skills-General Entry-Level Automotive Mechanic Maintenance
Electrician Personality/Job Fit Specialized Item Sets

Company Details

Company Address: PO Box 5098

City: Tampa

State: FL

Postal Code: 33675

Phone Number: 8132483878


Industry: Consturction

Sub-industry: Building Construction – Operative Builders and General Contractors

SIC Code: 1521