Are you worried about Lyons Of California’s hiring process? Learn about their application process, assessments, and interviews, and confidently secure your next job.

Applying at Lyons Of California

Do you know what an applicant tracking system (ATS) is? It is an automated system that scans résumés for keywords and decides which applications to pass on for further review. That is why it is so important to include in your application all of the most pertinent keywords used in the job description. 


Landing an interview at Lyons Of California is not easy! Be sure you make it count. Come prepared with a hard copy of your résumé, cover letter, and references. Be prepared with Lyons Of California–specific questions to ask your interviewer at the end of the interview.

Psychometric Test

Many industries use psychometric tests to evaluate their applicants. They use these metrics to ensure that they are finding the right applicant for the open position. The most common exams are aptitude tests, personality tests, and situational judgement tests.

Common Strengths and Weaknesses to Use at Your Lyons Of California Interview

Choose from these strengths and weaknesses for your interview at Lyons Of California.


  • Motivating staff
  • Facility for learning the latest computer technology
  • High achiever


  • Attempting to please everyone
  • Too critical of other people’s work
  • Public speaking

Possible jobs

Here is a list of potential positions you can apply to:

Director of Sustainability Retail Supervisor Food Safety Intern
Food Service Sales Representative Food Literacy Specialist Food & Nutrition Ambassador

Common Pre-Employment Tests

During the recruitment process you will be expected to take any or all of the following exams:

Specialized Item Sets Bennett Mechanical Test Personality/Job Fit
Basic Skills-General Service Ramsay Mechanical Test

Company Details

Company Address: 3000 J St

City: Sacramento

State: CA

Postal Code: 95,816

Phone Number: (916)444-5158


Industry: Retail Trade

Sub-industry: Eating and Drinking Establishments

SIC Code: 5,812