Are you seeking a job at M&T Bank? We’ve compiled information on M&T Bank’s hiring practices, from interviews to assessment tests, to help you in your journey to your new job. Get started on your path to a new job at M&T Bank today.

Applying at M&T Bank

If you want to get hired at M&T Bank, you first have to pass the first round of evaluations—the application. Hiring managers will review your résumé, cover letter, and online application, and determine whether or not you are suitable for the position. You should always go over your documents before submitting them, and make sure that you don’t have any spelling or grammar mistakes.


The next step after submitting your résumé will be going in for an interview at M&T Bank. If you get called for the interview it means that they felt you were a quality candidate. The interview is your time to wow the recruiter. Make sure you arrive on time and have a copy of your résumé and cover letter in hand.

Online assessments

M&T Bank might use pre-employment online assessments to sift out quality candidates. Like with any other exam it is important that you prepare for these exams in advance. Ask the HR representative which test you will take.

M&T Bank Interview Pointers

These tips will help you get on the right foot at M&T Bank.

Examine the Hierarchy 

Note where the position you are applying for falls within the organization.

Remember to Keep in Mind that Every Interview Is an Opportunity

Don’t fail to use the interview process as a an opportunity to network. Even if you don’t get that position, they might like you and keep you in mind for a future position.

Most Popular Jobs at M&T Bank

What are some of the jobs open at M&T Bank?

Administrative Director Assistant Director Senior Administrative Services Officer
Virtual Assistant Customer Service File Clerk

Common Pre-Employment Tests

The following tests are some of the most popular evaluations used by M&T Bank:

Cashier Entry-Level Clerical Account Clerk
Entry Legal Processing Clerk Advanced Clerical Personality/Job Fit

Company Details

Company Address: PO Box 223

City: Buffalo

State: NY

Postal Code: 14,240

Phone Number: (716)842-5445


Industry: Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

Sub-industry: Holding and Other Investment Offices

SIC Code: 6,712