Are you nervous about the interview process at Nationwide Insurance? Learn about the hiring process, including phone and in-person interviews, here.

How To Write a Job Application

You need to check all of the requirements for applying for a job at Nationwide Insurance before sending in your application. If there are specific qualifications that they are looking for, be sure to mention them in your résumé. Make a strong case for yourself as a candidate by including all of the right information.


In your interview at Nationwide Insurance, you can expect to be asked basic questions about your experience and attitudes. Prepare a mental list of examples that demonstrate your positive qualities, such as goals that you achieved or initiatives that you spearheaded. You may also want to practice answering a few common interview questions before your interview at Nationwide Insurance.

Hiring Assessment

Most companies give candidates an assessment to obtain a concrete tool to compare the different candidates. Make sure you beat out the competition by preparing for your aptitude test in advance.

Learn How to Rock Your Nationwide Insurance Interview

Below you can find tips for your interview at Nationwide Insurance.

Research the Employer

You can find plenty of information online, including the nature and format of the interview. Find out from the web or from the recruiter if you will be meeting with a single individual from HR, the hiring manager, and/or potential co-workers. Ask if there will be case questions or questions of a technical nature, so you can prepare.

Plug in That iron

Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed.

Popular Positions at Nationwide Insurance

Which jobs can you apply for at [business}?

Sales Agency Manager Examiner Broker
Account Manager Marketing Manager Actuary

Popular Pre-Employment Tests Used by Nationwide Insurance

Some of the pre-employment tests used by Nationwide Insurance are the following:

Entry-Level Clerical Account Clerk, Senior Supplements
Caliper Profile Test Logical Reasoning Cashier

Company Details

Company Address: 1000 Market Ave N

City: Canton

State: OH

Postal Code: 44702

Phone Number: 3304895000


Industry: Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

Sub-industry: Insurance Brokers, Agents and Services

SIC Code: 6411