Preparation is the key to success. Learn about the hiring process at Netguru, from application to interviews, and start getting ready today.

Applying to Netguru

Whether this is your first job application or you are a seasoned professional, you will need to create a unique résumé and cover letter for each job application. Be sure to include the keywords listed in the job description on Netguru’s website so that your application will be seen as relevant.


In your interview at Netguru, you can expect to be asked basic questions about your experience and attitudes. Prepare a mental list of examples that demonstrate your positive qualities, such as goals that you achieved or initiatives that you spearheaded. You may also want to practice answering a few common interview questions before your interview at Netguru.

Psychometric Test

Before landing your dream job you must pass a number of hurdles, one of which is a pre-employment test. These tests assess how closely you fit the profile of the ideal candidate for the job. Common tests include personality tests and numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

Learn How to Pass Your Netguru Interview

Rock your interview at Netguru with these hot tips.

Don’t Let Nerves Paralyze You

Relax and act naturally.

Be Engaged

In addition to preparing answers to common interview questions, you should also think of questions to ask your interviewer. You may want to ask about the company’s long term goals (if these are not listed on the company’s website), your new team, or the work environment at the office.

Popular Positions at Netguru

Below the possible open positions at Netguru are listed:

Program Manager Merchandiser Sales
Manager R&D Product Manager

List of Hiring Assessments

Netguru pre-employment tests include the following:

Excel Caliper Profile Test Analytical Reasoning
Entry-Level Clerical Watson-Glaser Test MS PowerPoint

Company Details

Company Address: 22700 Savi Ranch Pkwy

City: Yorba Linda

State: CA

Postal Code: 92887

Phone Number: 7149742500


Industry: Business Services

Sub-industry: Business Services

SIC Code: 7372