We can help you secure your next job at Norton Sound Health. Learn about Norton Sound Health’s hiring process and how to increase your odds of getting hired by crafting a great résumé, acing interviews, and excelling at assessments.

Submit an Application

Go directly to Norton Sound Health website and find the relevant position. It is best to complete the application in one sitting to ensure you follow through on completion. When you have finished filling in all the pertinent information, review it for spelling mistakes.


Landing an interview at Norton Sound Health is not easy! Be sure you make it count. Come prepared with a hard copy of your résumé, cover letter, and references. Be prepared with Norton Sound Health–specific questions to ask your interviewer at the end of the interview.

Pre-Employment Test

As part of the recruitment process at Norton Sound Health you will need to take a psychometric test. A psychometric test is any exam used to measure whether you have the skills needed to excel on the job. Inquire about which test you will need to take.


  • Logical thinking
  • Collaborating effectively with co-workers
  • Establishing standards and processes which enhance quality


  • Debate skills (if irrelevant to the job at hand)
  • Not skilled at delegating tasks
  • Neglecting to take credit

Common job opportunities at Norton Sound Health

These positions are often open at Norton Sound Health:

Accounting Administrative Assistant Paralegal
Customer Service Assistant Customer Service Manager Consultant

List of Common Pre-Employment Tests at Norton Sound Health

Norton Sound Health frequently requires candidates to take one or more of the following tests:

Ramsay Mechanical Test Criteria CCAT Logical Reasoning
Basic Skills-Clerical Analytical Reasoning Wonderlic Test

Company Details

Company Address: 306 W 5th Ave

City: Nome

State: AK

Postal Code: 99762

Phone Number: 9074433311


Industry: Business Services

Sub-industry: Health Services

SIC Code: 8062