Here you can find answers to your questions about the hiring process at Peebles. Learn about the interview process, assessment tests, and more. Take the next step in your career and ace Peebles’s hiring process.

Crafting a Good Résumé and Cover Letter

Learn how to apply for jobs online, in-person, by email, and on company websites, the best way to express interest, and how to submit a job application.


When you go in for the interview at Peebles expect to face some challenging questions. They often like to ask you to describe a past situation when you overcame a challenge. They also want to see how you work with other employees.


Peebles uses various pre-employment tests to evaluate candidates. Not every candidate must take an assessment test, and the tests vary from position to position. Common tests include personality tests and technical skills tests.

How to Answer “What Is Your Greatest Strength and Weakness?”

Below you can find our expert recommendations about how to answer questions about strengths and weaknesses.


  • Team work
  • Upgrading the productivity of underperforming employees
  • Product knowledge


  • Attempting to please everyone
  • Presenting to large groups
  • Being too critical of yourself

List of various positions

It is common for candidates to apply for the following positions:

Retail Administration Analyst Retail Security Officer Senior Art Director
Stock Clerk Promotions Coordinator Merchandise Buyer

Assessments at Peebles

You may be asked to complete one or more of the following pre-employment assessments:

Personality/Job Fit Entry-Level Clerical Criteria CCAT
Bennett Mechanical Test Cashier PI LI (PLI) Test

Company Details

Company Address: 1 Peebles St

City: South Hill

State: VA

Postal Code: 23,970

Phone Number: (434)447-5200


Industry: Retail Trade

Sub-industry: General Merchandise Stores

SIC Code: 5,311