Looking for information on each step in the hiring process at Radebaugh Florist & Grnhse? We can tell you about applying for positions, interviewing, taking pre-employment tests, and more.

How do I Apply for a Job at Radebaugh Florist & Grnhse?

Before submitting your résumé, check it to make sure that it demonstrates that you have all of the required skills and experience. Compare it to the requirements of the job description and don’t forget to include important keywords.


The next step after submitting your résumé will be going in for an interview at Radebaugh Florist & Grnhse. If you get called for the interview it means that they felt you were a quality candidate. The interview is your time to wow the recruiter. Make sure you arrive on time and have a copy of your résumé and cover letter in hand.

Pre-Employment Exam

Many companies have started to give all potential employers pre-employment tests. This can be any type of test from an aptitude test, personality test or skills test. They want to ensure that they are sifting through the applicants and finding the most quality candidates

Smart Answers to Common Interview Questions

Do you know what are the most popular interview questions?

  • If you were interviewing someone for this job, what traits would you look for?
  • What interests you least about the job or creates the most stress?
  • What makes you angry?
  • If you were hiring a job-seeker for this position, what qualities would you look for?
  • How do you define continuous improvement?

Popular Positions at Radebaugh Florist & Grnhse

These positions are often open at Radebaugh Florist & Grnhse:

Warehouse Associate – Material Handler Management Trainee Department Manager
Retail Trainee Team Leader Merchandise Buyer

Pre-Employment Tests Used by Radebaugh Florist & Grnhse

Radebaugh Florist & Grnhse can give an applicant any of the following tests:

Hogan Test Logical Reasoning Criteria CCAT
Advanced Clerical Basic Skills-Clerical Watson-Glaser Test

Company Details

Company Address: 120 E Burke Ave

City: Baltimore

State: MD

Postal Code: 21286

Phone Number: 4108254300

Website: www.radebaugh.com

Industry: Retail Trade

Sub-industry: Miscellaneous Retail

SIC Code: 5992