Do you want to get hired by RE Pierson Construction Co? Understanding the hiring process will help you figure out how to make yourself stand out as a candidate. Here you can learn about RE Pierson Construction Co’s application process, interviews, and pre-employment assessments.

How to Apply

Need a refresher on how to apply for a job? Today many employers use applicant tracking systems to screen candidates’ résumés. You must make sure that your résumé is in a comprehensible format and that you include the keywords mentioned in the job description.


Unfortunately, the interview process is not usually a quick and easy process. Typically, to secure a job at RE Pierson Construction Co you must pass several rounds of interviews, including a telephone interview and one or more in-person interviews. You will be asked behavioral questions as well as situational questions and questions that relate to your knowledge of your field.

Psychometric Test

Due to the high volume of applicants, companies often pinpoint quality candidates through assessment tests. No matter the test, you can prepare by taking practice tests and reading study guides before your evaluation.

Tips on How to Excel on Your RE Pierson Construction Co Interview

Rock your interview at RE Pierson Construction Co with these hot tips.

Don’t Brag or Oversell Yourself

Humility is important.

Stay in Contact

Don’t fail to follow up after the interview with all of your contacts at the company.

These Are Popular Positions at RE Pierson Construction Co

Below is a variety of open jobs at RE Pierson Construction Co:

Purchasing Coordinator Planner Superintendent
Signal Worker Engineering Iron Worker

What Are Common Assessments at RE Pierson Construction Co?

The following tests are some of the most popular evaluations used by RE Pierson Construction Co:

Specialized Item Sets Personality/Job Fit Maintenance
Electrician Basic Skills-General Mechanical

Company Details

Company Address: 426 Swedesboro Rd

City: Pilesgrove

State: NJ

Postal Code: 08098

Phone Number: 8567698244


Industry: Construction

Sub-industry: Building Construction – Operative Builders and General Contractors

SIC Code: 1521