Your technical job skills play a surprisingly small part in passing your interview at RPM Intl. Want to learn what recruiters at RPM Intl are really looking for? Learn all about RPM Intl’s interviews and assessments and get the job you want at RPM Intl.

How to Apply

The first step in your journey toward a new job at RPM Intl is very straightforward—sending in an application. Be sure to review your résumé and cover letter to make sure that you include the same keywords that are listed in the job’s description, and fix any spelling mistakes.


The interview at RPM Intl is the cornerstone of the hiring process. This is the opportunity for you to stand out from the other candidates. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. But, balance this with a level of proffessionalism. Make sure to have concrete examples to back up any strenghts you list.


RPM Intl uses various pre-employment tests to evaluate candidates. Not every candidate must take an assessment test, and the tests vary from position to position. Common tests include personality tests and technical skills tests.

Answering Strengths and Weaknesses Questions at Your RPM Intl Interview

Part of evaluating a candidate is understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Do you know how to answer this question effectively?


  • Creative thinking
  • Solving complex problems
  • Persistent/resilient


  • Neglecting to take credit
  • Not skilled at delegating tasks
  • Micromanaging (if not applying for management position)

Common job opportunities at RPM Intl

The following list outlines the various jobs at RPM Intl:

Manager Management Trainee Data Analyst
Administrative Assistant Business Analyst Sales

Prepare for RPM Intl’s Assessments

You may be asked to complete one or more of the following pre-employment assessments:

Police Technician Specialized Item Sets Personality/Job Fit
Correctional Tests Supplements Promotional Tests

Company Details

Company Address: 2628 Pearl Rd

City: Medina

State: OH

Postal Code: 44,256

Phone Number: (330)273-5090


Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Allied and Chemical Products

SIC Code: 2,851