Want to know how to pass your assessments and interviews at RR Donnelley Seymour? Our experts have composed a list of their top tips for acing the hiring process and asssessments at RR Donnelley Seymour. Get on your way to a new job at RR Donnelley Seymour today.

Online Application

With stacks of résumés to choose from, recruiters are liable to rule out even qualified candidates. Don’t give RR Donnelley Seymour any reason to throw your application in the trash. Make a cover letter that presents you in the best light, and include many similarities between your skills and the requirements of the job for which you are applying. Include a professional summary at the top of your résumé that briefly explains who you are as a candidate to capture the hiring manager’s interest.


RR Donnelley Seymour’s hiring process usually involves a short telephone interview to verify the information you provided in your résumé. At your face-to-face interview, you will be asked a number of questions relating to your job experience, relevant skills, and career goals. You may have more than one interview with the same manager, different hiring managers, or human resources managers.

Hiring Assessment

Most companies give candidates an assessment to obtain a concrete tool to compare the different candidates. Make sure you beat out the competition by preparing for your aptitude test in advance.

Learn How to Pass Your RR Donnelley Seymour Interview

Get hired at RR Donnelley Seymour by using the following tips.

Don’t Brag or Oversell Yourself

Humility is important.

Dress for Success

Even if you are applying for a job at a workplace with a casual dress code, you should appear professional and polished at your interview.

List of possible jobs

These are some of the most in-demand jobs at RR Donnelley Seymour:

Engineering Assembly Worker Small Parts Fabricator
Isothermal Heat Treat Operator  Management Trainee OEMS Administrator

Popular Pre-Employment Tests Used by RR Donnelley Seymour

These are some of the most popular pre-employment tests used by RR Donnelley Seymour:

Watson-Glaser Test Ramsay Mechanical Test Bennett Mechanical Test
Kenexa Tests Caliper Profile Test Criteria CCAT

Company Details

Company Address: 709 A Ave E

City: Seymour

State: IN

Postal Code: 47274

Phone Number: 8125231800


Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Publishing, Allied and Printing Industries

SIC Code: 2752