We’re here to help you land your next job at State of Arkansas. We have compiled information on State of Arkansas’s hiring process, from the initial application to interviews and more. Keep reading to learn about how to increase your chances of getting hired.

Apply for the Job

It can be difficult to get your résumé noticed when so many candidates are applying for the same position. Give yourself the best chance of success by crafting a concise, neat résumé that highlights your achievements.


Congrats if you make it to the interview at State of Arkansas you should give yourself a pat on the back. The most important thing to show the interviewer is that you use good judgment and common sense regarding life planning. They want to make sure that they only hire stable and independent candidates.

Pre-Employment screener

A concrete way to stand out from the other candidates is to excel on the pre-employment assessment. Inquire about which type of exam you will take and then take practice tests online.

Job Interview: What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

When interviewers ask you about your strengths and weaknesses, be sincere. Managers can tell when you are being falsely modest or boastful.


  • Responding favorably to constructive criticism
  • Establishing a quick rapport with clients
  • Attention to detail


  • Spelling
  • Debate skills (if irrelevant to the job at hand)
  • Creative writing


Listed below are some of the possible positions you can have at State of Arkansas:

Accounting Student Trainee Psychologist
Executive Assistant Default Resolution Specialist Investigative Analyst

List of Hiring Assessments

You might need to complete one of the following pre-employment tests.

Supplements Microsoft Access Personality/Job Fit
Microsoft Word Correctional Tests Specialized Item Sets

Company Details

Company Address: P.O. BOX 3278

City: Little Rock

State: AR

Postal Code: 72,203

Phone Number: (501)682-2345


Industry: Public Administration

Sub-industry: Legislative, Executive and General Government other than Finance

SIC Code: 9,111