The hiring process at Washington Trust Bancorp is highly competitive. Hundreds of candidates may be vying for a single position, and only a select few will be invited for an interview. If you are hoping to get hired by Washington Trust Bancorp and pursue exciting career opportunities, your application process will closely resemble the following:

Crafting a Good Résumé and Cover Letter

Looking to jumpstart your career at Washington Trust Bancorp? Make sure that you start off on the right foot by submitting a great cover letter and résumé. You need to convince recruiters that you have what it takes. Show off your qualifications, skills, and experience, and write a persuasive cover letter. Be sure to go over your entire application for spelling and grammar errors before submitting it to Washington Trust Bancorp.


The interviewing process at Washington Trust Bancorp might be nerve-wracking if you don’t know what will happen. There will be three main parts of the interview: the beginning which involves small talk and introductions, the middle which will be an overview of your background, and the end which is a round of more difficult questions. Ensure that you ask your interviewer questions at the conclusion of the interview. The typical interview will last 30 minutes, although some may be longer.

Online Assessment

As part of the hiring process, Washington Trust Bancorp may give a candidate a pre-employment assessment to make sure that they are a good match for the company. An aptitude test will measure a candidate’s innate skills. A personality test will give the employer a picture of the candidate’s personality profile.

How to Pass Your Interview at Washington Trust Bancorp

We have prepared a list of our top tips to help you ace your Washington Trust Bancorp interview.

Analyze the Job Ddescription

Pay attention to the knowledge, skills and abilities required, and make sure that you cover these topics on your résumé.

Don’t Brag or Oversell Yourself

Humility is important.

List of various positions

Here is a list of positions featured at Washington Trust Bancorp:

Sales Administrative Support Manager Auditing Clerk
Human Resources Administrator Senior Coordinator Financial Analyst

Washington Trust Bancorp’s Most Popular Assessment Tests

It is common for the recruiters to give candidates any of the following assessments:

Executive Assistant Entry Legal Processing Clerk Entry-Level Clerical
Account Clerk, Senior Administrative Assistant Courtroom Clerk

Company Details

Company Address: 23 Broad St # 1

City: Westerly

State: RI

Postal Code: 2,891

Phone Number: (401)348-1200


Industry: Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

Sub-industry: Holding and Other Investment Offices

SIC Code: 6,712