If you’ve applied for a job at William Beaumont Hospital, your work has only just begun. Your application needs to catch the eye of the hiring manager, and you will need to pass interviews and assessments to get hired. Learn all about William Beaumont Hospital’s hiring process here.

Apply for the Position

Are you getting ready to start your job search? At William Beaumont Hospital, you will need to submit a résumé and cover letter as well as a job application. This is because William Beaumont Hospital requires information that you may not include in your résumé.  


It is not an easy feat to land an interview at William Beaumont Hospital. At the interview, be ready to address parts of your background that might be considered as negative, i.e., low GPA, no extracurricular activities, or little related experience. Make sure you arrive to the interview on time and with the appropriate documents in hand.

Online Employment Assessments

 What are pre-employment assessments and why do companies such as William Beaumont Hospital use them? Assessments range from personality tests to mechanical reasoning and verbal reasoning to personality tests. They give employers a better idea of your skills and how you could fit in to the company culture.

Popular Questions at William Beaumont Hospital Interview

Are you nervous about your interview at William Beaumont Hospital? Practice using these common interview questions.

  • Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized.
  • Give me an example of when you’ve demonstrated your customer service skills
  • There’s no right or wrong answer, but if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
  • Are you a leader or a follower?
  • Why did you resign from your previous job?

Different employment opportunities at William Beaumont Hospital

What positions are available at William Beaumont Hospital?

Executive Assistant Consultant Product Manager
Sales Manager Customer Service Manager

Popular Pre-Employment Tests

During the recruitment process you will be expected to take any or all of the following exams:

Entry-Level Clerical Executive Assistant PI LI (PLI) Test
Watson-Glaser Test Cashier Advanced Clerical

Company Details

Company Address: 3601 W 13 Mile Rd

City: Royal Oak

State: MI

Postal Code: 48,073

Phone Number: (248)551-5000


Industry: Business Services

Sub-industry: Educational Services

SIC Code: 8,221