Are you looking to learn about what it takes to land a job at Albertson’s? Look no further! We are here to outline everything you need to know about the recruitment process, from application, to interview, to pre-employment assessment.

Job Application Basics

Applying for a job at Albertson’s can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. The first step is to send in your résumé, cover letter, and online application. At this point, you may also be asked to answer a few questions or take a test. Once you’ve submitted your documents, all you can do is wait to be invited to an interview.


Keep in mind, the interview at Albertson’s begins the moment you walk through the door. Make sure to be amiable and confident. Try to give concrete examples to back up your answers to the interview questions.

Pre-Employment Exam

Many companies have started to give all potential employers pre-employment tests. This can be any type of test from an aptitude test, personality test or skills test. They want to ensure that they are sifting through the applicants and finding the most quality candidates

Popular Questions at Albertson’s Interview

Consider this list your interview question study guide for your interview at Albertson’s. Start practicing today!

  • What jobs and experiences have led you to your present position?
  • If selected for this position, can you describe your strategy for the first 90 days?
  • How did you get your job?
  • If you were hiring a job-seeker for this position, what qualities would you look for?
  • Is there anything that will prevent you from working the job’s regular hours?

List of open jobs

What positions can I apply to at Albertson’s?

Food & Nutrition Audit Specialist Food Systems Coordinator Global Food Analyst
Food Program Manager Category Analyst Food Service Specialist

List of Hiring Assessments

As part of Albertson’s’s hiring process, candidates often complete one or more of the following assessments:

Basic Skills-General Ramsay Mechanical Test Specialized Item Sets
Personality/Job Fit Bennett Mechanical Test Maintenance

Company Details

Company Address: 250 E Parkcenter Blvd

City: Boise

State: ID

Postal Code: 83,706

Phone Number: (208)395-6200


Industry: Retail Trade

Sub-industry: Food Stores

SIC Code: 5,411