If it’s been a while since you applied for a job, you may be intimidated by the hiring process. Arm yourself with the knowledge that you need to ace Amica Mutual Insurance Co’s hiring process and get the job that you want. This article contains information about Amica Mutual Insurance Co’s application, interviews, and pre-employment assessment.

Submit Your Job Application

Are you returning to the workforce after an extended break? It can be difficult to break into the job market after not working for a few years. Show how you kept up your skills during the time you were away and emphasize that you will quickly get back into the swing of things after starting a new job.


The hiring process at Amica Mutual Insurance Co is quite lengthy. If you land an interview you are already half way there. Be prepared to answer questions about your past work experience. If there are any discrepancies in your résumé, prepare explanations in advance.

Online Assessment

As part of the hiring process, Amica Mutual Insurance Co may give a candidate a pre-employment assessment to make sure that they are a good match for the company. An aptitude test will measure a candidate’s innate skills. A personality test will give the employer a picture of the candidate’s personality profile.

Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions & the Perfect Answers

Interview questions can vary wildly, but these are some helpful examples that will help you prepare.

  • Why do you want to leave your current company?
  • Do you have plans for continued study? An advanced degree?
  • What is the last new procedure you integrated into your job?
  • Can you estimate future job openings?
  • If you ever left your job, what would most likely drive you away?

Below are listed some of the common positions at Amica Mutual Insurance Co

Here is a short list of the available positions.

Investigator Division Manager Field Promotion Coordinator
Marketing Manager Director Analyst

What Are Popular Assessments at Amica Mutual Insurance Co?

During the job process you might need to take any or all of the following pre-employment tests.

Entry-Level Clerical Criteria CCAT PI LI (PLI) Test
Courtroom Clerk Kenexa Tests Personality/Job Fit

Company Details

Company Address: PO Box 6008

City: Providence

State: RI

Postal Code: 2,940

Phone Number: (401)334-0108

Website: www.amica.com

Industry: Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

Sub-industry: Insurance Carriers

SIC Code: 6,331