Positions at Arent Fox Pllc are highly sought-after, and Arent Fox Pllc’s hiring process is designed to ensure that they will hire only the best candidates. Learn about what you have to do to pass interviews and assessments at Arent Fox Pllc.

Writing a Good Application for Arent Fox Pllc

They say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is especially true when it comes to applying for a job at Arent Fox Pllc. Boost your chances of getting hired for a job at Arent Fox Pllc by writing a great résumé and cover letter and matching your application to the job description posted on the web. Don’t forget to check all your documents for spelling and grammar before submitting them.


The interview at Arent Fox Pllc begins before you even get into the room. HR begins to evaluate you the minute you walk through the door. Don’t be scared to extend your hand for the handshake first. This shows confidence. It is important to arrive on time—it is advised to come 15 minutes early so you are not rushed upon arrival.

Pre-Employment Screening

Companies like Arent Fox Pllc want to make sure they’re hiring candidates with the required skills. One way they test for skills is through the use of pre-employment tests such as numerical or verbal reasoning tests.

Arent Fox Pllc Interview Tips

Take a look at some of our interview tips to help you succeed.

Be Ready to Say Why You Are a Good Fit for the Job

If you have researched the company and you know how you can contribute, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from the competition.

Don’t Let Your Tact Lapse

You need to demonstrate the diplomatic behavior.

Job Positions at Arent Fox Pllc

Here is a list of the positions that most applicants are searching for at Arent Fox Pllc:

Business Partner Accounting Business Analyst
Engineer Product Manager Program Manager

Prepare for Arent Fox Pllc’s Assessments

Arent Fox Pllc pre-employment tests include the following:

Account Clerk Kenexa Tests Analytical Reasoning
Basic Skills-Clerical Watson-Glaser Test Caliper Profile Test

Company Details

Company Address: 1050 Connecticut Ave NW # 400

City: Washington

State: DC

Postal Code: 20036

Phone Number: 2028576000

Website: www.arentfox.com

Industry: Business Services

Sub-industry: Legal Services

SIC Code: 8111