If you are applying for a job at Bacou-DALLOZ Americas, you can expect the recruitment process to typically last between four and eight weeks. There are four stages: the online application, the phone interview, the pre-employment assessments, and the in-person interview. Keep reading to learn about each one.

Submit an Application

Go directly to Bacou-DALLOZ Americas website and find the relevant position. It is best to complete the application in one sitting to ensure you follow through on completion. When you have finished filling in all the pertinent information, review it for spelling mistakes.


Bacou-DALLOZ Americas’s hiring process usually involves a short telephone interview to verify the information you provided in your résumé. At your face-to-face interview, you will be asked a number of questions relating to your job experience, relevant skills, and career goals. You may have more than one interview with the same manager, different hiring managers, or human resources managers.

Online assessments

Many companies such as Bacou-DALLOZ Americas use aptitude and personality tests to identify which candidates would be most suited to a particular job and work environment. These tests include personality and skills tests.

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Examples

Part of evaluating a candidate is understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Do you know how to answer this question effectively?


  • Professional
  • Negotiation
  • Responsibility


  • Focusing on details too much
  • Discomfort with leaving a project unfinished
  • Focusing on details too much

Different employment opportunities at Bacou-DALLOZ Americas

Below the possible open positions at Bacou-DALLOZ Americas are listed:

R&D Business Analyst Human Resources Administrator
Administrative Assistant Financial Analyst Customer Service Manager

List of Common Pre-Employment Tests at Bacou-DALLOZ Americas

Bacou-DALLOZ Americas frequently requires candidates to take one or more of the following tests:

Assessment Tools Correctional Tests Specialized Item Sets
Personality/Job Fit Police Technician Dispatcher

Company Details

Company Address: 10 Thurber Blvd

City: Smithfield

State: RI

Postal Code: 02917

Phone Number: 4012330333

Website: www.bacou-dalloz.com

Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Watches and Clocks, Measurement, Analyzer and Control Instruments, and Photo and Medical Goods

SIC Code: 3842