Here you can find answers to your frequently asked questions about challenges in the hiring process. Learn about the structure of the hiring process, interviews, aptitude tests, and more.

Submit Your Application

Are you a veteran applying for a civilian job? Many terms that you may have included in your résumé may seem like gibberish to someone with no military experience. Ask a friend who hasn’t served to go over your résumé or submit your résumé to a professional résumé service. Military service can be impressive, but only if the recruiter knows what you are talking about.


If you application passes through the automated selection system you will be invited in for an interview. It is essential that you arrive on time. Practice in advance to ensure that you are not nervous on the interview day.

Online Employment Assessments

 What are pre-employment assessments and why do companies such as CKE Restaurants use them? Assessments range from personality tests to mechanical reasoning and verbal reasoning to personality tests. They give employers a better idea of your skills and how you could fit in to the company culture.

Job Interview Questions That Result in Great Hires

The most common questions from CKE Restaurants’s interviews are as follows:

  • What are your salary requirements?
  • What are some of your leadership experiences?
  • What kinds of people do you deal with on the job?
  • How far can you advance?
  • Why do you think you might like to live in the community in which our company is located?

The Most Common Positions At CKE Restaurants

I have outlined some of the top jobs at CKE Restaurants:

Food Systems Coordinator Food Drug Lodging Surveyor Food Assembler
Continuous Improvment Analyst Director of Sustainability Financial Analyst

Popular Pre-Employment Tests

It is quite common for CKE Restaurants to use the following pre-employment test:

Service Personality/Job Fit Maintenance
Bennett Mechanical Test Basic Skills-General Ramsay Mechanical Test

Company Details

Company Address: P.O. BOX 4349

City: Anaheim

State: CA

Postal Code: 92,803

Phone Number: (805)745-7500


Industry: Retail Trade

Sub-industry: Eating and Drinking Establishments

SIC Code: 5,812