Are you applying for a job at Contran? Give yourself the best chance of success. Arm yourself with knowledge of the hiring process and start preparing today for Contran’s interviews and pre-employment tests.

Job Application Hints and Tips

Contran’s goal is to make the recruitment process as professional and positive as possible.. The recruitment process starts when you’ve submitted your application, cover letter, and résumé online.


Congrats! It is not easy to get an interview at Contran. The interview process starts from the moment you step through the door. So remember to be confident. You can even prepare some natural small talk for the first portion of the interview. The most important thing to do, is to present yourself clearly.

Online Screening Exam

Companies who require candidates to take assessments are looking to hire applicants who can demonstrate the required skills, be they verbal, numerical, logical, or mechanical skills.

Answering Strengths and Weaknesses Questions at Your Contran Interview

You might be wondering how to answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses at your Contran interview. Keep reading for advice on how to answer this question.


  • Reliable/dependable
  • Organizational
  • Flexible and adaptable


  • Lack of certain experience (if it is obvious from your resume)
  • Strong willed/controlling
  • Shifting from one project to another (multitasking)

List of open jobs

Here are some of the open positions available at Contran:

Accounting Sales Administrative Assistant
Customer Service Assistant Packaging Engineer Management Trainee

Common Psychometric Tests

It is quite common for Contran to use the following pre-employment test:

Police Technician Promotional Tests Dispatcher
Specialized Item Sets Supplements Assessment Tools

Company Details

Company Address: 5430 Lbj Fwy # 1700

City: Dallas

State: TX

Postal Code: 75,240

Phone Number: (972)233-1700


Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Allied and Chemical Products

SIC Code: 2,816