Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to excel in your interviews and pre-employment tests. Give your application to Cross Country Healthcare the best chance of success and start preparing today.

Application Submission

Sometimes you find a great job but you’re unsure if you’re qualified. Don’t worry. Job requirements are more like guidelines than strict rules. If you create a solid application, with a killer cover letter and a résumé that includes relevant work experience and skills, you may convince Cross Country Healthcare to take a chance on you and invite you to an interview. Sometimes it’s worth applying even if you don’t exactly match all of the job requirements.


In your interview at Cross Country Healthcare, you can expect to be asked basic questions about your experience and attitudes. Prepare a mental list of examples that demonstrate your positive qualities, such as goals that you achieved or initiatives that you spearheaded. You may also want to practice answering a few common interview questions before your interview at Cross Country Healthcare.

Online assessments

Many companies such as Cross Country Healthcare use aptitude and personality tests to identify which candidates would be most suited to a particular job and work environment. These tests include personality and skills tests.

How to Answer “What Is Your Greatest Strength and Weakness?”

Part of evaluating a candidate is understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Do you know how to answer this question effectively?


  • Drawing consensus on group goals
  • Motivating staff
  • Dedicated


  • Overly involved in on-campus activities (if a student)
  • Any area of knowledge like a software package (something which can be easily learned)
  • Procrastination (as long as you still meet all your deadlines)

Common job opportunities at Cross Country Healthcare

These jobs are often open at Cross Country Healthcare:

R&D Human Resources Administrator Customer Service
Manager Project Manager Engineer

Company’s Hiring Assessments

Cross Country Healthcare pre-employment tests include the following:

Administrative Assistant Logical Reasoning Advanced Clerical
Caliper Profile Test PI LI (PLI) Test Account Clerk

Company Details

Company Address: 6551 Park Of Commerce Blvd NW

City: Boca Raton

State: FL

Postal Code: 33,487

Phone Number: (561)998-2232


Industry: Business Services

Sub-industry: Business Services

SIC Code: 7,363