Congratulations on your decision to seek a new job at Duluth Clinic. Are you curious about what is involved in getting a job at Duluth Clinic? Here you can find information on the interviews and assessments that you will need to pass to get hired at Duluth Clinic.

Online Application

With stacks of résumés to choose from, recruiters are liable to rule out even qualified candidates. Don’t give Duluth Clinic any reason to throw your application in the trash. Make a cover letter that presents you in the best light, and include many similarities between your skills and the requirements of the job for which you are applying. Include a professional summary at the top of your résumé that briefly explains who you are as a candidate to capture the hiring manager’s interest.


Make sure you prepare at home for your interview at Duluth Clinic. It is important that you show the recruiter that you have strong problem-solving, leadership, and cooperation skills.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Do you want to know how to pass your pre-employment assessment? You should prepare ahead of time using widely-available practice tests and study guides.

Popular Strengths and Weaknesses That Work In Interviews

Choose from these strengths and weaknesses for your interview at Duluth Clinic.


  • Critical thinking
  • Providing constrictive criticism
  • Solving complex problems


  • Providing too much detail in reports
  • Taking too many risks
  • Advanced mathematics (if not required for job)

Some of the Popular Jobs At Duluth Clinic

Duluth Clinic receives many applications for these positions:

Program Manager Human Resources Administrator Customer Service
Product Manager Customer Service Manager Manager

These Are Duluth Clinic’s Most Popular Pre-Employment Tests

Candidates often must take one of the following pre-employment tests:

Executive Assistant Entry-Level Clerical Personality/Job Fit
Basic Skills-Clerical Caliper Profile Test Ramsay Mechanical Test

Company Details

Company Address: 400 E 3rd St

City: Duluth

State: MN

Postal Code: 55,805

Phone Number: (218)786-1186


Industry: Business Services

Sub-industry: Health Services

SIC Code: 8,063