No one ever said getting a job would be easy. In the current job market every open position has hundreds of applicants. Learn more about how to excel on your interview and to ensure you stick out from the crowd.

Applying at Ericsson Wrless Communications

Do you know what an applicant tracking system (ATS) is? It is an automated system that scans résumés for keywords and decides which applications to pass on for further review. That is why it is so important to include in your application all of the most pertinent keywords used in the job description. 


Before going into the interview at Ericsson Wrless Communications mentally prepare examples of instances where you overcame adversity. Also have concrete examples of moments when you worked successfully in a team. You want to make sure you have examples to back up all your positive attributes.

Online Screening Exam

Companies who require candidates to take assessments are looking to hire applicants who can demonstrate the required skills, be they verbal, numerical, logical, or mechanical skills.

Examples of Strengths and Weaknesses

When interviewers ask you about your strengths and weaknesses, be sincere. Managers can tell when you are being falsely modest or boastful.


  • Strong work ethic/diligent
  • Efficiency
  • Tact and diplomacy


  • Spelling
  • Micromanaging (if not applying for management position)
  • Lack of certain experience (if it is obvious from your resume)

Job Positions at Ericsson Wrless Communications

The following list outlines the various jobs at Ericsson Wrless Communications:

Financial Analyst Engineering Maintenance
Management Trainee Machine Operator Customer Service

Prepare for Ericsson Wrless Communications’s Common Pre-Employment Tests

Assessment tests are part of the hiring process for many companies, including Ericsson Wrless Communications.

Specialized Item Sets Electrician Personality/Job Fit
Basic Skills-General Service Entry-Level Automotive Mechanic

Company Details

Company Address: 6455 Lusk Blvd

City: San Diego

State: CA

Postal Code: 92121

Phone Number: 8583325000


Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Electrical, Electronic and Components other than Computer Equipment

SIC Code: 3663