Here you can find information on each step in the hiring process for a job at Foley’s, including applying for jobs, interviews, and pre-employment testing, along with tips and advice on each step in the hiring process.

How To Write a Job Application

In this economy where there are so many graduates applying for jobs, you need to make sure your application grabs the attention of recruiters. The first step is to get your résumé and cover letter right. They should be relatively short (one-two pages) and they should only include relevant work experience. They should explicitly state why you have the right experience and skills for the job you are applying to at Foley’s. 


The first step in the interview process at Foley’s will be a phone interview. Make sure you are in a quiet place when answering the phone. If you are on the go, ask if you can call back at a more convenient time. If you pass this portion you will be asked to come in for an in-person interview. Prepare in advance and do your research on the Department Stores industry.

Pre-Employment Assessments

After you submit your application form, cover letter, and résumé, you will be invited to complete online assessments. You may be asked to take a personality test or a test that measures your aptitude for certain types of tasks, such as numerical or verbal reasoning.

Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to answer interview questions—this is a skill that can be learned. Keep reading for answers to common interview questions.

  • If your job were to progress as you would like, what would be the next step in your career?
  • Do you have a geographic preference? Why?
  • In what way did this type of work interest you and how did you get started?
  • Can you explain this gap in your employment history?
  • How is the economy affecting this industry?

Potential Positions

What positions are available at Foley’s?

Assistant Buyer Customer Service Representative Cashier
Area Manager Sales Manager Franchisee

Popular Hiring Tests and Screeners

Foley’s pre-employment tests include the following:

Entry-Level Clerical Ramsay Mechanical Test Advanced Clerical
Cashier Logical Reasoning PI LI (PLI) Test

Company Details

Company Address: 1110 Main St

City: Houston

State: TX

Postal Code: 77,002

Phone Number: (713)405-7033


Industry: Retail Trade

Sub-industry: General Merchandise Stores

SIC Code: 5,311