The hiring process at General Binding is highly competitive. Hundreds of candidates may be vying for a single position, and only a select few will be invited for an interview. If you are hoping to get hired by General Binding and pursue exciting career opportunities, your application process will closely resemble the following:

Online résumé Submission

Do have a great cover letter and résumé? Don’t forget to include a professional summary for your application to General Binding. At the top of your résumé, include a short summary of who you are as a professional and how your previous experiences have contributed to your work-related growth. This is important because many hiring managers don’t read résumés in detail, so you want to make sure that crucial information is going to be seen.


The interview process at General Binding is not simple. You might face various different interviews including a: phone interview, panel interview, HR interview and a skills based interview. Make sure that you do research on General Binding before coming to the interview

Online Assessment

As part of the hiring process, General Binding may give a candidate a pre-employment assessment to make sure that they are a good match for the company. An aptitude test will measure a candidate’s innate skills. A personality test will give the employer a picture of the candidate’s personality profile.

Inside Tips on How To Conquer Your General Binding Interview

Ace the hiring process at General Binding with the following tips.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Exercise regularly in the weeks leading up to your industry.

Keep It Professional

Avoid non-professional language and don’t swear.

General Binding’s Most Popular Jobs

Listed below are some of the possible positions you can have at General Binding:

Accounting Project Manager R&D
Management Trainee Sales Product Manager

Company’s Online Assessments

Assessment tests are part of the hiring process for many companies, including General Binding.

Assessment Tools Personality/Job Fit Entry-Level Tests
Specialized Item Sets Dispatcher Correctional Tests

Company Details

Company Address: 1 Gbc Plz

City: Northbrook

State: IL

Postal Code: 60,062

Phone Number: (847)272-3700


Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Furniture and Fixtures

SIC Code: 2,522