With the advent of online applications, landing a job has become increasingly harder. There are hundreds of applicants for each position. What does this mean for you as a candidate? You need to ensure that you go into the interview prepared. Read on to learn about the hiring process at Honigman Miller Schwartz Cohn.

Job Application Basics

When submitting your online application to Honigman Miller Schwartz Cohn, ensure that you include all relevant past work experience. Tailor your qualifications to those that appear in the job advertisement. Proofread your application for spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting it.


After the application process is completed if you pass the HR selection you will be called in for an interview. At the interview it is a promising sign if you are interviewed by HR and a manager. Make sure you arrive on time with all necessary documents in hand.


It is extremely common for Honigman Miller Schwartz Cohn to give employees a skills assessment, personality test, or aptitude test. Prepare for these exams in advance to make sure you land the job you want.

What Strengths and Weaknesses Should You Mention in Your Interview?

Asking about strengths and weaknesses is one way that companies like Honigman Miller Schwartz Cohn judge candidates. Learn how to answer this question.


  • Retaining star employees
  • Solving complex problems
  • Establishing a quick rapport with clients


  • Taking on too many projects at once
  • Taking on too much responsibility
  • Too helpful

List of Common Jobs At Honigman Miller Schwartz Cohn

Below you can find a list of the most popular positions at Honigman Miller Schwartz Cohn.

Project Manager Engineer Service Manager
Customer Service Assistant UX Designer Data Analyst

Common Psychometric Tests

During the recruitment process you will be expected to take any or all of the following exams:

Analytical Reasoning Data Entry Clerk PI LI (PLI) Test
Executive Assistant Bennett Mechanical Test Watson-Glaser Test

Company Details

Company Address: 32270 Telegraph Rd # 225

City: Bingham Farms

State: MI

Postal Code: 48025

Phone Number: 2485668300

Website: www.honigman.com

Industry: Business Services

Sub-industry: Legal Services

SIC Code: 8111