Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to excel in your interviews and pre-employment tests. Give your application to JP Morgan Capital the best chance of success and start preparing today.

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JP Morgan Capital is committed to hiring highly talented workers. Show them how you could contribute to their team by crafting a professional résumé and cover letter that show off your accomplishments.


Expect to face a situational question at your JP Morgan Capital interview. A situational questions is a question that provides a hypothetical situation and the candidate must explain how she would handle it or has handled it in the past. With this type of question, the interviewer wants to know how you will handle situations that may arise in the workplace.

Pre-Employment Test

Pre-employment assessments are a great tool for employers to see if the position is a good match for the candidate. Make sure you ask your HR recruiter if you will be expected to take a test. If so, which assessment company provides it and what is the name of the test?

Understand How to Pass Your JP Morgan Capital Interview

Get ready for your interview. Check out some of our tips.

Be Engaged

In addition to preparing answers to common interview questions, you should also think of questions to ask your interviewer. You may want to ask about the company’s long term goals (if these are not listed on the company’s website), your new team, or the work environment at the office.

Remember to Keep in Mind that Every Interview Is an Opportunity

Don’t fail to use the interview process as a an opportunity to network. Even if you don’t get that position, they might like you and keep you in mind for a future position.

List of possible jobs

Below you can find a list of the most popular positions at JP Morgan Capital.

Royalty Analyst Cost Estimator Clearing Collateral Management Trader
    Investment Advisory Credit Analyst Operations Analyst

Common Pre-Employment Tests

The following tests are some of the most popular evaluations used by JP Morgan Capital:

Specialized Item Sets Human Resources Technician Supervision
Social Services Accountant Entry-Level Analyst

Company Details

Company Address: 60 Wall St

City: New York

State: NY

Postal Code: 10,005

Phone Number:


Industry: Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

Sub-industry: Commodity and Security Brokers, Exchanges, Services and Dealers

SIC Code: 6,282