Don’t make the mistake of coming to your interview or pre-employment test unprepared. Learn about all of the steps of Key Safety Systems’s hiring process and start getting ready today.

Apply Online

Is your résumé too long? Most employers only take a few short minutes to go over every application. Your résumé should be no longer than one or two pages and it should include only the most relevant work experiences that will make a strong case for you as a candidate.


You will likely face multiple interviews at Key Safety Systems. The first interview will be a phone interview. This functions as the first round screener. Make sure you are in a quiet place when taking the call. If you pass this round you will be asked to come in for an in-person interview. Before the interview look up relevant facts about the culture at Key Safety Systems.

Pre-Employment Test

As part of the recruitment process at Key Safety Systems you will need to take a psychometric test. A psychometric test is any exam used to measure whether you have the skills needed to excel on the job. Inquire about which test you will need to take.

Summary of Main Strengths and Weaknesses 

Asking about strengths and weaknesses is one way that companies like Key Safety Systems judge candidates. Learn how to answer this question.


  • Motivated
  • Strong work ethic/diligent
  • Interpersonal


  • Too helpful
  • Debate skills (if irrelevant to the job at hand)
  • Stubborn

Key Safety Systems’s popular positions

It is common for candidates to apply for the following positions:

Management Trainee Customer Service Maintenance
Financial Analyst Engineering Machine Operator

Popular Hiring Tests and Screeners

Key Safety Systems frequently requires candidates to take one or more of the following tests:

Service Maintenance Basic Skills-General
Entry-Level Automotive Mechanic Electrician Specialized Item Sets

Company Details

Company Address: 7000 19 Mile Rd

City: Sterling Heights

State: MI

Postal Code: 48,314

Phone Number: (586)726-3800


Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Transportation Equipment

SIC Code: 3,714