Do you want to secure a new job at Macon County Greyhound Park? Macon County Greyhound Park is well-known for their rigorous vetting process. Learn about the interviews and assessments that you will have to pass here, and start preparing for all the stages of Macon County Greyhound Park’s hiring process.

Job Application Basics

In this era of online job board sites, it is easier than ever to apply for multiple jobs at once. Don’t make the mistake of copying and pasting your cover letter and résumé for each job. Not only may you make the embarrassing mistake of including the wrong company name, every job has different requirements. Even if two jobs are quite similar, you will want to include only the keywords that are listed in each job description in your application and résumé. You will also want to write a professional summary at the top of your résumé that shows why you are supremely qualified for the position you are applying for at Macon County Greyhound Park.


There are two types of interviews in our hiring process. Between each round, we gather feedback from your interviewers and determine next steps.

Hiring Assessment

Most companies give candidates an assessment to obtain a concrete tool to compare the different candidates. Make sure you beat out the competition by preparing for your aptitude test in advance.

Job Interview: What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Do you want to learn how to answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses?


  • Leadership
  • Learning from Failures
  • Optimistic


  • Being unfamiliar with the latest software
  • Quiet (if not applying for management)
  • Giving presentations (if not required)

Different employment opportunities at Macon County Greyhound Park

Read on to understand more about the openings at Macon County Greyhound Park

Accounting Administrative Assistant Paralegal
Customer Service Assistant Customer Service Manager Consultant

List of Hiring Tests

As part of Macon County Greyhound Park’s hiring process, candidates often complete one or more of the following assessments:

Ramsay Mechanical Test Account Clerk, Senior Personality/Job Fit
Microsoft Access Executive Assistant Basic Skills-Clerical

Company Details

Company Address: 8680 County Rd 40

City: Shorter

State: AL

Postal Code: 36075

Phone Number: 3347270540


Industry: Business Services

Sub-industry: Amusement and Recreation Services

SIC Code: 7948