Preparing in advance is half the battle. Going through the hiring process at New England Confectionery Co prepared will help give you a leg up on the competition. We are here to help! Learn about the recruitment process and get valuable insight on how to excel on your interview.

Online Application

Make sure that your application lands at the top of the pile. Modify your résumé and cover letter so that they fit the job description listed by New England Confectionery Co. Employ a clean and attractive layout, and check your documents for spelling and grammar errors.


Prior to your in-person interview at New England Confectionery Co, you may have a phone interview. During the phone interview you will be asked questions about your availability and experience. You will then be invited to a face-to-face interview. At this interview, you will be asked questions such as “Why do you want to work here?”, “What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?”, and “What challenges have you overcome at work?”. Practice answering these basic questions to come to your interview ready.

Pre-Employment screener

A concrete way to stand out from the other candidates is to excel on the pre-employment assessment. Inquire about which type of exam you will take and then take practice tests online.

Questions You Might Face at New England Confectionery Co Interview?

Answering interview questions correctly is a skill that can be honed. Let our experts show you how.

  • Tell me 10 ways to use a pencil other than writing.
  • Are you willing to relocate for a job?
  • Do other people in your company with the same job title have the same responsibilities?
  • Why do you think you might like to live in the community in which our company is located?
  • What is your dream job?

Here are some possible jobs at New England Confectionery Co

Here is a list of the positions that most applicants are searching for at New England Confectionery Co:

Management Trainee Engineer Customer Service Assistant
Sales R&D Data Analyst

Common Psychometric Tests

As a candidate you might need to take one or more of the following tests:

Correctional Tests Entry-Level Tests Personality/Job Fit
Supplements Police Technician Promotional Tests

Company Details

Company Address: 135 American Legion Hwy

City: Dorchester Ctr

State: MA

Postal Code: 02124

Phone Number: 7814854500


Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Kindred and Food Products

SIC Code: 2064