If you’ve applied for a job at Newspaper Holdings, your work has only just begun. Your application needs to catch the eye of the hiring manager, and you will need to pass interviews and assessments to get hired. Learn all about Newspaper Holdings’s hiring process here.

Submit Your Application

It is best to go directly to Newspaper Holdings’s website when you want to submit your application. Include the most relevant and updated copy of your résumé and cover letter. Make sure you have three or more references handy to include in your application.


The next step after submitting your résumé will be going in for an interview at Newspaper Holdings. If you get called for the interview it means that they felt you were a quality candidate. The interview is your time to wow the recruiter. Make sure you arrive on time and have a copy of your résumé and cover letter in hand.

Online assessments

These are the most common types of aptitude test that you will encounter: personality tests, situational judgment tests, numerical reasoning tests, verbal tests, and logical reasoning tests.

Strengths and Weaknesses for Newspaper Holdings Interview

Do you have to answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses? Keep reading for tips on how to answer this tricky question.


  • Innovation
  • Optimistic
  • Dedicated


  • Providing constructive criticism
  • Bad sense of humor (dour)
  • Overly involved in on-campus activities (if a student)

Popular Jobs at Newspaper Holdings

These positions are often open at Newspaper Holdings:

Commercial Customer Service Rep Commercial Printing Assembly Worker
Isothermal Heat Treat Operator  Structural Designer Maintenance Technician

List of Hiring Assessments

Newspaper Holdings might give candidates one of the following tests:

Ramsay Mechanical Test Bennett Mechanical Test Criteria CCAT
Kenexa Tests Watson-Glaser Test Hogan Test

Company Details

Company Address: 3500 Colonnade Pkwy # 600

City: Birmingham

State: AL

Postal Code: 35,243

Phone Number: (205)298-7100


Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Publishing, Allied and Printing Industries

SIC Code: 2,711