Start prepping yourself to get a job at Nu Vox. Read on to learn about the hiring process and what you should expect on your next interview.

Online résumé Submission

Most job applications can be submitted online. Go to the company’s website and look for open positions. When submitting the application make sure you have all relevant personal information handy. Be prepared to have names and numbers of your personal references.


If you land an interview at Nu Vox make sure you come prepared. Expect to face questions about yourself, such as your grade point average, your major, the number of years you worked at your last job.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Once you’ve submitted your application, you may be asked to complete an assessment test either before or after your interview. This may be a test of your abilities or it may assess your personality and behavior.

Popular Questions at Nu Vox Interview

It’s important to practice ahead of time so you know how to respond effectively to the interview questions that employers typically ask at job interviews.

  • How do you define continuous improvement?
  • Do you have a geographic preference? Why?
  • What five adjectives describe you best?
  • Is there anything that will prevent you from working the job’s regular hours?
  • What special skills or knowledge have you gained that will help in this job?

Nu Vox’s Most Popular Jobs

These are the most common jobs at Nu Vox.

IT Network Technician IT Support Engineer Voice Engineer
Site Telephony Technician Engineer Human Interface Systems Architect

[Business]’s Hiring Assessments

During the job process you might need to take any or all of the following pre-employment tests.

Hogan Test PI LI (PLI) Test Maintenance
Ramsay Mechanical Test Service Caliper Profile Test

Company Details

Company Address: 301 N Main St # 5000

City: Greenville

State: SC

Postal Code: 29601

Phone Number: 8643317900


Industry: Transportation and Public Utilities

Sub-industry: Communications

SIC Code: 4813