Want a new job but unsure about how the hiring process at Peets Coffee & Tea works? We’re here to help. Keep reading to learn about Peets Coffee & Tea’s hiring process, from application to interviews, and start on your journey to a new job.

Online résumé Submission

Most job applications can be submitted online. Go to the company’s website and look for open positions. When submitting the application make sure you have all relevant personal information handy. Be prepared to have names and numbers of your personal references.


Expect to face a situational question at your Peets Coffee & Tea interview. A situational questions is a question that provides a hypothetical situation and the candidate must explain how she would handle it or has handled it in the past. With this type of question, the interviewer wants to know how you will handle situations that may arise in the workplace.

Online Hiring Screeners

The hiring process is becoming more and more quantitative, as companies rely on measurable factors rather than on impressions made in interviews.

Strengths and Weaknesses? Learn This #1 Tip To Impress Interviewers

Here you can find a list of strengths and weaknesses that we recommend mentioning in your interview with Peets Coffee & Tea.


  • Streamlining processes
  • Solution oriented
  • Assessing outcomes


  • Attempting to please everyone
  • Bad sense of humor (dour)
  • Procrastination (as long as you still meet all your deadlines)

List of Common Jobs At Peets Coffee & Tea

Which jobs can you apply for at [business}?

Associate Food Scientist Continuous Improvment Analyst Food Assembler
Senior Food Scientist Food Program Manager Category Analyst

Common Pre-Employment Tests

Peets Coffee & Tea often asks candidates to take one or more of the following pre-employment assessments:

Basic Skills-General Bennett Mechanical Test Personality/Job Fit
Service Ramsay Mechanical Test Specialized Item Sets

Company Details

Company Address: 1400 Park Ave

City: Emeryville

State: CA

Postal Code: 94608

Phone Number: 5105942147


Industry: Retail Trade

Sub-industry: Food Stores

SIC Code: 5499