Do you want to make a good impression on Premier Farnell North America’s hiring managers? Use our tips to craft a great application and perform well in interviews and assessments. Read about Premier Farnell North America’s hiring process and get hired.

Applying to Premier Farnell North America

Whether this is your first job application or you are a seasoned professional, you will need to create a unique résumé and cover letter for each job application. Be sure to include the keywords listed in the job description on Premier Farnell North America’s website so that your application will be seen as relevant.


Premier Farnell North America’s hiring process usually involves a short telephone interview to verify the information you provided in your résumé. At your face-to-face interview, you will be asked a number of questions relating to your job experience, relevant skills, and career goals. You may have more than one interview with the same manager, different hiring managers, or human resources managers.

Pre-Employment screener

A concrete way to stand out from the other candidates is to excel on the pre-employment assessment. Inquire about which type of exam you will take and then take practice tests online.

What Are the Most Popular Questions at Premier Farnell North America Interviews?

Get prepared for your interview at Premier Farnell North America by rehearsing the answers to these popular interview questions.

  • What special skills or knowledge have you gained that will help in this job?
  • What do you think you would like and not like about working in this job?
  • Would you consider yourself a big-picture person or a detail-oriented person?
  • Tell me 10 ways to use a pencil other than writing.
  • Why are you looking for a new job?

Potential Positions

What positions can I apply to at Premier Farnell North America?

Business Analyst Sales Packaging Engineer
Customer Service Manager Customer Service Assistant Customer Service

These Are Premier Farnell North America’s Most Popular Pre-Employment Tests

Some of the pre-employment tests used by Premier Farnell North America are the following:

Assessment Tools Police Technician Entry-Level Tests
Dispatcher Promotional Tests Supplements

Company Details

Company Address: 7061 E Pleasant Valley Rd

City: Cleveland

State: OH

Postal Code: 44,131

Phone Number: (216)525-4263


Industry: Wholesale Trade

Sub-industry: Wholesale Trade – Durable Goods

SIC Code: 5,065