Looking for answers to your questions about the hiring process at Riverside Furniture? Look no further. Learn about applying, passing assessment tests, and acing your interviews.

Apply for the Job

Did you know that Riverside Furniture often requires applicants to submit a job application as well a résumé and cover letter? Make sure that you include all of the required information including supporting documents such as professional qualifications. Be sure to link your supplied information to the requirements of the job, and go over everything for spelling mistakes before you submit it to Riverside Furniture.


The interview process at Riverside Furniture is not simple. You might face various different interviews including a: phone interview, panel interview, HR interview and a skills based interview. Make sure that you do research on Riverside Furniture before coming to the interview

Pre-Employment Assessments

After you submit your application form, cover letter, and résumé, you will be invited to complete online assessments. You may be asked to take a personality test or a test that measures your aptitude for certain types of tasks, such as numerical or verbal reasoning.

Job-Related Strengths and Weaknesses

Take a look at our comprehensive list of strengths and weaknesses.


  • Consistently meeting deadlines
  • Organizational
  • Initiative


  • Perfectionism
  • Attempting to please everyone
  • Procrastination (as long as you still meet all your deadlines)

List of Popular Jobs at Riverside Furniture

What positions are available at Riverside Furniture?

Product Manager Sales Customer Service Assistant
Program Manager Financial Analyst Business Partner

Common Pre-Employment Tests

It is common for the recruiters to give candidates any of the following assessments:

Assessment Tools Personality/Job Fit Police Technician
Entry-Level Tests Dispatcher Correctional Tests

Company Details

Company Address: 1400 S 6th St

City: Fort Smith

State: AR

Postal Code: 72901

Phone Number: 4797858100

Website: www.riverside-furniture.com

Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Furniture and Fixtures

SIC Code: 2515